Astrology Exposed!

So let me start by saying that there ARE benefits to studying astrology and learning the patterns involved which can undoubtedly be used as a guide.

There is a reason why high level occultists like Alistair Crowley studied astrology because it can provide insights in which we can predict certain timelines and events.

It really is quite literally a double edged sword. It can be of benefit to have the insights astrology brings, however it is also being used against us. So what do I mean by this?

On a higher metaphysical level our astrological signs are nothing more than barcodes. It enables these distorted forms of consciousness who are behind the  Matrix of control, the ability to see what type of soul we are going to be when we incarnate down on Planet crazy!

As I mention in the video below, by reading our barcodes (astrological birth charts) they can tell if we are going to be someone who will throw a spanner in the works. Will we be somebody who will stand in courage and speak out against tyranny? We will be a creative genius whose work will open people’s minds to new ideas and concepts? Or are we more likely to become submissive and slot nicely into the system posing little to no threat at all?

It gets taken one step further too when we get into the realms of ‘birth bumping’ and non-human souls. These souls are those who have chosen to incarnate here at this time, to help with this spiritual warfare and to raise the consciousness of the Planet. These are also known as the Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow children.

These souls have not been trapped down here on the soul mill like their human soul counterparts and are much more connected to their abilities, psychic strengths and their hearts. All these qualities are a direct threat to the Matrix and so many of these souls are targeted PRE BIRTH.

On a soul level you choose your parents but this system has a way of reading your barcode and then at the last minute ‘bumping’ your soul into a dysfunctional family where you may be the victim of abuse, trauma, or just a real difficult situation which can take a longtime to recover from.

What happens from there is that the non-human soul will then maybe turn to drugs or alcohol and therefore completely be put off their path. A win for the Matrix.

This is why there are also so many vaccinations right now as they KNOW these souls are coming down and they’re trying to mess with their DNA to destroy their gifts.

So essentially when you study your astrological sign you are studying your barcode. Like I said, its not to say its not useful or beneficial, I am just seeking to shine a wider light on the subject so we have a deeper inner standing.

Like all many of these things there is a polarity, they can be used for good or evil. But as always with knowledge comes power.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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Astrology Exposed! By Tony Sayers.