The quality of attention on the things we care about is completely out of sorts in terms of real everyday issues that effect our lives. Why is this, and why do we care more about things like X Factor when there are poisons in our food and water supplies?

The belief in authority is literally a Religion. God is government. We are not supposed to have owners who dominate and tell us what we can and can’t do, whilst not even playing the game themselves!

Money the biggest form of mind control on the Planet. People obsessed with the question ‘what do you do for a living’ chasing that pound note till we lie on our death beads wondering what the Hell happened?

The people that society respect and admire these days is a joke. Celebrity culture is the new Religion for the 21st century.

Why do we feel we have no power? Why are we stuck in this mindset of ‘little me’? Are we as a society suffering from a collective lack of confidence and belief?

“Divide and Rule’ has been going on for years to control us as a species. But what exactly is it? Why do we keep falling for the same tactics generation after generation? Surely we must be able to recognise who the real enemy is by now?