There is an assault going on via several methods attacking the very essence of the male populations innate character. This is making us passive and completely taking out the natural ‘protector’ role. Perfect for a ruling class who want to dominate.

Without reaching the police and military we don’t stand a chance. These ‘order followers’ are carrying out the bidding for those in power. They are enslaving and murdering their own people as the REAL terrorists get away with literal murder!

When we wake up to the poisons they’re giving us, why keep consuming them? Surely the first part of the solution is to get ourselves fit and healthy? The fact is they want us dumbed down and we need to combat that by looking after ourselves and our loved ones health.

Here I explain the difference between the left and brain hemispheres and the importance of balancing the two. When the ‘Sacred Masculine’ and the ‘Divine Feminine’ come into balance it leads to higher thought patterns, which is why everything is done to keep us locked in either side.

‘To know and not to do is not to know’ After another political rigged election this was an appeal for further action. What followed was a series of meetings organised around the Country in an attempt to knit back some kind of community spirit.

There is no doubt many people are now starting to see the World in a whole different light these days. There is mounting evidence that ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ are a little concerned to say the least.