One of the biggest mind control techniques out there, thousands of years of division and war based around whose God is the best. It has to go if we are ever to evolve.

Internet censorship, mind control, and the sexualisation of society, all rampant and becoming increasingly apparent as we move towards a total Orwellian state.

A call for anarchy and civil disobedience. People confuse anarchy with chaos, that is not what the word means and here I break it down. Where do we draw the line in the sand when we are being abused daily by people in dark suits barking out orders?

Why do we keep voting? Why do we keep giving our power away to people who do not care about us at all? It has never worked for us and quite frankly its embarrassing now.

With the amount of so called ‘shootings’ going on in America you could be mistaken that Obama is after their guns. I think its clear what the agenda is and that is to remove the rights for American people to defend themselves against a tyrannical government should the time ever arise. This is enshrined in the second Amendment for a REASON.

Its unbelievable that the US government has been caught red handed giving a British company half a billion dollars to produce fake terrorist videos, this has all been swept under the carpet by the mainstream media. This is a game changer, and where does that leave the military? Are they still going to fight their wars?