Here I break down. how its not only the chakras that are being used but a complete domination over our very DNA For more information email me directly at [email protected]

Transgenderism or now no gender is being forced down our throats on a daily basis. I discuss the reasons for this and how they are doing it.

Here I go into the deeper aspects of reality and talk about the head of the snake in artificial intelligence who are really in control. I also lay out simple and easy solutions to protect ourselves from chemtrails and push out the nano tech that most of us have in our bodies. For more info on this and removing chakras and overlays contact me at [email protected]

Here I discuss how alcohol is not just causing havoc on a surface societal level, but the spiritual connotations of drinking this poison and what happens when our vibrations are lowered which opens us up to things we have no idea about. For more info on chakra/overlay removal contact me direct on [email protected]

This is such a big issue as far as I can see. Age old ‘divide and rule’ tactics used by those who wish to controllers still seems to be working a treat today. As we hate on each other we completely miss who are causing the REAL issues on this Planet. People are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

The Universal Law of Correspondence ‘as above, so below’ how is it affecting us? Is it a coincidence that we find ourselves being used as food when we are feeding off other sentient beings? This is a massive issue that nobody seems to want to talk about.