The Ever Growing Sexualization Of Children.

We live in a World that is being sexualised at an alarming rate, indeed, the sexualisation of children and society is being encouraged now more than ever and we need to start paying attention before its too late.

There are many reasons for this, and we need to innerstand all aspects of what is a very serious topic if we are to evolve both as individuals and as a species.

It is not hard to see this sexualisation of society going on, we only need to turn on the television or drive around in our cars to see the constant bombardment of sexual innuendoes and half naked women. Look at today’s so called ‘idol’s’ and what they are teaching within their lyrics.

Take Rhianna for example, here we have a hero to many children singing about sadomasochism with images of being tied up and whipped?? Why would a women who knows she reaches billions of children around the World choose to sing about such a topic?? This is just one example, and it all ties in with the very concerning topic of the sexualisation of children.

I realise that this is a very controversial topic to talk about, but it is one that needs to be discussed out in the open in order to protect our young from what is a very dark agenda to make paedophillia become socially acceptable. I really wish I could write about more lighter topics, but ignoring what is now in our faces will only ensure that this agenda roles out unchecked. I said on my social media this week that if we cannot protect our children and most vulnerable then we have failed as a society.

We see the sexualisation of children apparent now more than ever in the so called ‘schooling system’. Part of the curriculum in the UK now is to teach children about masturbation, sexual acts and even anal sex. Of course, its all under the guise of ‘sexual education’ but anyone paying any attention at all will know that this is just another cover story for a society that is basically run by paedophiles.

We only need to look as far as the Clintons, ‘Pizzagate’ and now the Jeffrey Epstein cover up to see that the people calling all the shots on this planet are knee deep in child abuse. It’s not a secret anymore, and even a quick 5 minute search on Google will lead to a tonne of information if you care to research.

The end game for these people is to make paedophillia more socially acceptable. This agenda has already infiltrated the LGBT movement, which is also confusing children that weren’t confused before about their sexuality. There are now around 100 different genders a child can now ‘choose’ from. Confusing children like this when they should be concentrating on playing and just being kids is child abuse in and of itself.

This is another subject all together, but the point is paedophillia is being fused together with LGBT in order to infiltrate society to make it appear as just another preference a person can choose from, and because ‘anything goes’ in the LGBT movement so will paedophillia.

Paedophilles are rebranding themselves as ‘MAPS’ (Minor Attracted Persons) in order to slip in under the radar. They are saying that they are ‘misunderstood’and if they do not act upon their attraction to children, they shouldn’t be marginalised.

This movement is not doing nearly enough to stop it or call it out, I have interacted with many people in the LGBT movement and they meet me with aggression and denial every time. This fundamentally shows no TRUE care for children in that the most important aspect for them it to protect their movement NO MATTER WHAT even if it means a denial of the faults within LGBT.

They have been encouraged to believe everyone is against them through clever social conditioning, and now have a chip on their shoulder which makes them unable to see this very dangerous and damaging infiltration of child abusers.

A truly conscious movement that stands for acceptance and freedom should make sure, first and foremost, that their own house is in order before lecturing the World on what we should or should not accept.

Of course, the sexualisation of children starts long before this when we look into subliminal and predictive programming that goes on, least not through Disney films. Walt Disney was a 33rd degree freemason and paedophile. His movies are infused with subtle sexual innuendos used to infiltrate innocent minds. There is a plethora of information on this but here is a video to get you started.

Subliminal messages bypass the conscious mind, and children up until the age of around 8 are like literal sponges. Their minds are completely open to their surroundings and whatever infiltrates their subconscious mind will later become belief systems and behavioural patterns. This is what Disney films are tapping into. People will hate me for saying these things however it makes it nonetheless true.

This is why advertisements are very short with flashing images as these images bypass our own conscious mind and settle into the subconscious, this is why we are bombarded with advertisements as they are targeting our subconscious mind 24/7. Once it has infiltrated the subconscious it sticks.

More sexualisation of children can be seen now as children celebrities are being sexualised on the front covers of magazines and catwalks (Below is ‘Stranger Things’ actress Millie Bobby Brown aged just 14 when this was taken). Beauty pageants are getting more and more creepier as parents seem to willingly encouraging a lot of this behaviour. Even highly sexualised dance moves such as ‘twerking’ are being promoted amongst the media and parents alike.

When I look from afar I can see this drip feeding of paedophillia is already working. Let’s face it, that word is mentioned so often now it means nothing to anyone. We have become so disconnected from the word itself to the point that there is little outrage anymore when we hear it. We need to start calling it what it REALLY is which is CHILD RAPE. 

This is what the instigators of this society want. They know they are starting to get exposed at the higher levels, they’ve seen this day coming for a long time. If we just allow this to become diluted to the point that it means very little to anybody, then they will also be able to slip under the radar and we MUST NOT allow this to happen!

We ALL need to take responsibility by speaking up for the voiceless, we need to be able to look in the mirror at the end of our lives knowing we didn’t allow this to slip by unchecked.

What can we do? Awareness is key first and foremost. Tell friends, family member, share information, share blogs like these. Then we must WHOLEHEARTEDLY REJECT these ideologies. It can never be ok for this to become acceptable.

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Tony Sayers

Love, care, courage.

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The Ever Growing Sexualization Of Children by Tony Sayers.